Save Your Ears With These 2 DIY Hacks!

reusable 100% cotton breathable adjustable 4 layer protection face masks for everyone in healthcare

Wearing a mask for hours while at work, many health professionals say the elastic ear loops hurts their ears. Is this you too? Here are 2 ways to save your ears!

  • With a shoelace
  • With t-shirt ties

With A Shoelace

layout for shoelace prior to attaching to face mask.
step 2 of Save Your Ears blog post at, home of the 4 and 5 layer face masks.
back view of face mask with shoelace inserted in ear casings.
picture of how the shoelace ear savers is tied at, home of the best face mask to buy.

Purchase a 45 or 54-inch shoelace and follow the pictorial instructions above, left to right.

With T-Shirt Ties

schematic of t-shirt for cutting DIY t-shirt ties at
picture of t-shirt tie to replace elastic ear loops on 4-5 layer protective face mask.
view of the back of woman's head using a diy t-shirt tie with mask at Masks For Healthcare Workers.
A few points to remember when making t-shirt ties:
  • Knit fabrics don’t fray and when pulled it will curl. The curl encloses the tie and you don’t have to sew it like you would woven fabrics.
  • Cut 21 inch wide strips 30” long, then pull the strips to stretch the fabric.
  • How you cut the ties is important if you want the right side of the fabric showing. Cutting along the bottom of a t-shirt will expose the wrong side of the fabric. If you are using a plain color fabric, the cut won’t matter. 

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