Mask Benefits

Our Masks For Healthcare Workers have 4 barriers of protection, added comfort, breathable, washable and reusable.


Layer 1. 100% tight weave cotton fabric.
Layer 2. Fusible iron-on interfacing adds body to the face mask and provides an additional layer of protection.
Layer 3. Insertable non-woven filter (paper towel/facial tissue). The filter must be removed and replaced after each use. The filter must cover the full width and length of the inside of the mask. A HEPA filter cut from a vacuum cleaner bag is another recommended non-woven layer. Both types of filters can be used simultaneously. Use the Filter Insert Templates to cut your own filter.
Layer 4. The waterproof fabric is 1 mil PUL (polyurethane laminate) with 75% polyester/25% polyurethane. Super soft, breathable, and flexible. The color of the waterproof fabric depends on availability. The side touching the face is soft polyester knit. The other side of the fabric is a breathable waterproof laminate. The fabric is 100% free of PFAS & PFOA and 100% eco-friendly. Read More

Fit & Comfort

Nose Clip. A metal nose clip is sandwiched between the 1st and 4th layers to achieve a tighter fit across the bridge of the nose.
Elastic Band. The bottom of the mask has elastic so the entire jaw is enclosed within the mask. When wearing the mask, it is crucial to ensure the removable filter (3rd layer) and 4th layer are completely enclosed behind the elastic.
Ear Casings. The ear casings add an additional 1.0-2.0” each side providing additional coverage of the cheek area.
Elastic Loops. The elastic loops are adjustable to achieve a better individual fit and easily replaced.
Waterproof Fabric. The polyester side of the waterproof fabric touches your face and is super soft, breathable, and flexible.


Reusable. Our face mask is washable. The removable filter must be replaced after each use.
Shrink Resistant. Fabrics (cotton, cotton-poly blend, interfacing) are pre-shrunk prior to fabricating the face masks. The 1 mil PUL does not shrink and therefore not pre-washed. All completed face masks go through a second machine wash and dry cycle before sending to customers.

Quality Control

Quality Inspections: We inspect our face masks throughout the fabrication process with the last quality check performed during the final machine wash and dry cycle.

Protecting our Healthcare Heroes.

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